when you try your best but you don’t succeed

I don’t- know— what happened? to Nord!Oliver?

you were supposed to be a devotee of Arkay running around putting zombies to rest with a flaming sword and then you started listening to Daedric Princes you stupid piece of shit

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    I should really be more consistent with which blog I upload my art to.
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    WHAT A THING TO COME HOME TO. They’re pretty much one of my favorite tropes, I can’t lie. Tired and overdone and usually...
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    …did oliver devote his life to the looming dark abyss proto god oliver no that’s not ok keep it vanilla. try meridia or...
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    Every time I see art of this guy, I get all the ‘MUST COSPLAY’ feels. Ngl: old, morally questionable warrior dudes are...
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    Ugh stop it, that looks so cool :( I keep saying I want to pick Skyrim back up but then I don’t actually do it because I...
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