Alright, listen the fuck up because this is a thing.

As a lot of my followers know, I work in the OTC department of a pharmacy retail chain. Lately, there have been a string of thefts in my area where people are opening bottles of pills on the shelves and emptying their contents into a ziploc bag hidden in a purse/stroller/etc. This is irritating, but easy enough to notice once the bottle is picked up.

Recently, however, they’ve taken to actually Indiana Jones’ing a different kind of pill into the bottles before replacing them back onto the shelves. I honestly can’t even fathom a reason for doing this, because it requires an extra step of effort, but it’s forced me to quadruple my efforts in checking packages during recovery. There are a zillion ways an outer package can become opened on the shelf: a curious customer, getting caught on a feeder, bad adhesive. It happens so often that we couldn’t feasibly catch everything that’s been tampered with.

If you’re buying medicine at a drug store and the outer package is open (or if it doesn’t have one and is just a bottle), always always always always always check under the cap to see if the seal has been broken. This was shown to me by a customer who hadn’t, and I’m just thankful she was who she was and not, say, a 95-year-old with dementia that might not have known better. By the smell of them, they were just chewable C vitamins, but that doesn’t really change anything. People can have allergies or be on medications restricting XYZ.

I’d honestly prefer people straight-up stealing the items instead of trying to disguise them. Literally the only purpose it serves is to put other customers at risk. Fuck you, whoever does this, and if you work pharmacy retail be on the lookout okay thanks. ;o;

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