I ran into Kara before going to bed just to hit Attumen real fast in a vain attempt at his dumb horse. I accidentally killed him so fast that his body disappeared. I was afraid I’d lost my chance on that character but just to make sure I ran out, reset, and ran back in. I was surprised to find Midnight had respawned so I took off my weapon and just punched it so it wouldn’t die so quickly and LO AND BEHOLD. SEVEN YEARS LATER IT FINALLY DROPS.


i was going to try to justify this in the captions but there’s really no way to do that. my only excuse is that it is far too late and i am far too unsupervised to be using the internet in any productive manner

(i keep getting the feeling that someones done this exact thing already especially irt to the last one but for now im just gonna assume im meaninglessly second guessing myself)


Wilford Macglynn

Gilnean potato farmer.
Married at a young age for love, but his first wife died of fever early into their marriage.
Married Nell Brick, a women half his age, and fathered five children- one surviving to adulthood.

Cold and distant, he knew how to deal with potatoes better than people or children.
Was a believer in “spare the rod, spoil the child”.

Nell Brick/Macglynn

Gilnean, dairy maid
Married Wilford Macglynn at nineteen, birthing five children- one surviving to adulthood, two dead of cold, one dead after being thrown from a horse, and one stillborn.

Devoted almost completely to the Light, and didn’t let a drop of booze into her household.

Grandparents for Oliver on one side of the fimfam- MORE TO COME!

I’m so happy.

Wander + Agro


dragonborn at their finest 


gluten free person: excuse me, but do you have any gf options?



After seeing the Hank Hill and Colonel Sanders posts, I want to mention that I read Oliver's dialogue in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn.

Haha! I’ve actually used Foghorn Leghorn to describe Oliver’s voice before. “Patrick Warburton doing a Foghorn Leghorn impression”. It’s actually kind of his character in general— I remember back on wranet there was some thread that was like “character equations” or something and after thinking about it mine wound up being




  1. Plot out a legitimate RP idea with your partner
  2. Start RP



Hey, hey, hey. Knights of the Silver Hand all got really swag titles. The Lightbringer, the Mighty, the Dire, etc. What was Oliver's?

The Humble. Fittingly enough, he didn’t even like being referred to by his title, because even a title that’s literally telling everyone how humble you are is still a title, and titles make him feel like a self-important dickbag.



shithowdy probably-on-fire


i’d like to submit my evidence that stehl is probably an oliver bastard

but where did he get the angry eyebrows from


do you ever draw something you regret with every ounce of your being

Oliver's family tree?

— Anonymous







The question marks are the dozens of probable children he irresponsibly contributed toward making in his promiscuous youth.

I haven’t thought about his family past his parentage; I imagine he was never told anything about them because his dad was kind of a drunken idiot, and any ledgers with that information were probably lost to the Scourge. I also haven’t thought about Adeline’s parents any, because they didn’t really have much impact or purpose in their story.

Selvaggia doesn’t get to be on here because I fuckin forgot about her completely and I don’t even remember how Llew is related to Senkha other than “cousin” I’m sorry.

this is terrible and missing a lot of peripheral things

also i’m not even sure if dizzy is canon anymore i’m trash

This just reminds me that I was going to come up with some actual parentage for Lorcan beyond “they’re assholes who dropped him off at the Lordaeron orphanage and rolled out like LOL LATER SON.” 

It’s okay that Selvie is not on there because she is dead and her RP essence distilled into Yza-ing. There are also four other older siblings besides Selvie— and it took me like five minutes to remember their names, but there’s Samira, Urien, Michal, and Ioan, in that order of age. But they are also unimportant. And I think Llew is her father’s sister’s son? I seem to remember that.

It’s been way too long since I’ve given a damn thought about any of this.

Wait wait, am I being a dumb here, but are lorcan and chadley related? I DIDNT KNOW THAT.

NO I’M JUST REALLY AWFUL AT CHARTS and accidentally put the bubbles for his parents way too close to Adeline’s bubble. They’re just married. which I guess is kind of like being related.

I have many talents. Making charts and graphs is super not among them.


Can I pitch forth some terrible npc concepts for his parents?
With art?

Would that be okay?

I don’t think I can imagine anything more delightful! Especially if some of those rad human kingdom fashions you design are involved. >_>

Because yeah other than some short stories the most character his family has gotten is his father— drunk and angry since his wife died from childbirth complications; eventually stumbled in front of a wagon when Oliver was 15. Beyond him (and his long-dead mother) it’s kind of a LOUD SHRUG.

I had a dream last night that we got in an argument and it was because I said the only acceptable modern AU for Oliver was Colonel Sanders.

He loves chickens too much to mass slaughter them at a corporate level. Colonel Sanders is like his modern AU Scourge alter-ego. Colonel Blightreaver, complete with twirlable mustache.

Can I just say how proud I am that several people have experienced dreams involving my dumb character? Because I’m super proud.