set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

these are incredible

That Johnny Bravo could fist me and I wouldn’t care.

wait what is someone tracinjg your artwork do I neED TO BE MAD?



HAHAHA no god no I don’t think that’s ever happened

but like

photo-traced art is SO OBVIOUS because if you trace you don’t really understand the structure so you just kind of wind up with really chunky and kind of dead-looking contours


trace <——-> eyeballed

it’s SUPER OBVIOUS and I don’t think when people trace they realize this and you wind up with some really gross uncanny valley sort of drawings as they try to apply a little bit of style to it but don’t understand the figure well enough to stylize it so you wind up with a chunky realistic figure with a face that’s pasted on yey

I’m still really curious as to which artist inspired this; was it that kind of air-brush-y looking commission post?

(And your example makes me sad because I have a hard time seeing the difference unless I stare for a very long moment, which reaffirms the amount of work I need to do in art.)

Ahaha they’re honestly not that insanely different other than some of my structure lines not being fully erased and some of the joints being a bit more defined. It’s a pretty poor 5-minute example and I think because I don’t need to trace I wound up putting more know-how into my tracing than I should have v_v A lot of the damage on this kind of thing comes more when it’s time to color and shade, too.

But it’s just inspired by a few things I’ve seen floating around. I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING THERE, TRACERS.

wait what is someone tracinjg your artwork do I neED TO BE MAD?

HAHAHA no god no I don’t think that’s ever happened

but like

photo-traced art is SO OBVIOUS because if you trace you don’t really understand the structure so you just kind of wind up with really chunky and kind of dead-looking contours


trace <——-> eyeballed

it’s SUPER OBVIOUS and I don’t think when people trace they realize this and you wind up with some really gross uncanny valley sort of drawings as they try to apply a little bit of style to it but don’t understand the figure well enough to stylize it so you wind up with a chunky realistic figure with a face that’s pasted on yey

artist posts drawings with very thick, clean and realistic outer contours but internal structure that lacks confidence and has very soft, undefined, and airbrushy shading; defining features of drawing such as hair and eyes and tattoos are jarringly cartoony compared to the realistic body structure

i spy that tracing

What are your opinions on blogs set out to bash tattoos. I don't mean the idea of them, just calling them shitty artwork in some cases. Or do you not pay attention to them? (As I should have done about mine.)


Personally I’m opposed to anything that exists solely to be shitty. It’s a waste of everything, time, bandwidth, energy, pixels, all of it.

It’s one thing if it’s tattoo artists submitting their work to other tattooists for peer critiques - that’s something I could understand. It’s constructive, the artists are asking for it, and the people critiquing it actually understand the challenges that person faced.

If it’s just some regular dildo preaching from atop his keyboard because he “knows good ink” his opinion is worth fuckall.

For one if you don’t tattoo you don’t know dick about tattooing. No. Stop. You don’t. Once you can do a clean tattoo you can formulate an opinion on how that shit works. Until then I’m not going to take anything they say seriously.

For two - There’s no reason to fuck with people who are happy with their tattoos, people sometimes excitedly show me tattoos I think are butt fucking ugly and I smile and congratulate them because I’m not the person wearing it. If the person with the tattoo loves it that’s the inarguable end of that story. Bam. Done.

For threeee it’s forever tasteless to critique something when you were not asked to. This applies to art, ladies, weight, pretty much everything.

Everyone be nice is what I’m trying to say I think.

If a possibly unpopular opinion is welcome, I do think there are a few things that deserve to be called out if spotted (though don’t necessarily warrant entire blogs dedicated to them) because they’re detrimental  as a whole and can reflect badly on tattoo artists as a whole. A lot of fyeah-type tattoo blogs accept things like stick ‘n poke or garage tattoos, which should be discouraged at all costs, not celebrated— a tattoo done in an unsanitary environment by someone who isn’t professional can lead to serious infections. This site has a lot of teenage users that see that kind of thing and will attempt to do it themselves; it’s behavior that should be called out to prevent kids from getting bad ideas into their heads. You don’t want to wind up with a 16-year-old needing a finger removed because she wanted to ink a mustache onto it. The fact that there are entire blogs on this site glorifying stick ‘n poke frightens me.

There’s also a lot of stolen artwork— people pulling images off google search and paying another artist money to draw it for them on their body; ie, someone capitalizing off another artist’s work. “It’s my body” stops being an excuse when someone else is being hurt by it, and while there’s really not a lot you can do once it’s on skin, I think it should still be actively discouraged.

But that said the entire blogs are kind of unnecessary, mostly because a lot of them focus less on safety and good community reflection and more on “lol dandelions you’re dumb”.



destroy the idea that big noses are not good noses

I like big noses best! ^.^

I did not think my baseless rage over awkward RP community lingo would prompt such in-depth discussion and I offer my apologies for the dash spam.


Angelica summing up what having responsibilities really means.

Let's be honest though, it feels a whole lot less embarrassing to call them muses rather then RP characters.









But it doesn’t make any sense god dammit the muses were inspiration and the drive to create or learn or perform. Calling somebody your muse implies that they’re the person who inspires you to do those things; they drive you, not the other way around. Calling an OC a muse is so weird because they’re the product of your inspiration and creation and you control what they do; they have no power or influence over your actions. You don’t invent muses, muses are a force that make you invent hnnnnnnnghhhhghg.

Also the word mun apparently stands for mundane, implying the boring person behind the charming and amazing fantasy they’ve written but like— it came from their mind?? IT IS THEM? I HATE THESE TERMS AND I AM GETTING VERY UNNECESSARILY HEATED ABOUT THEM.

It just brings to mind all those posts by bad writers talking about how their character just ~does things~ that they don’t want them to do and now they’re uncomfortable like no you fucking potatobrain you’re the writer you made them do that, you put them in the position to make that decision.

I would just like to say that 100% of a character’s actions are the product of the player’s imagination.  Please don’t try to say your character is out of your control.  They aren’t.  

(Please especially don’t use this excuse to try to brush off criticism of a character’s behavior.  I mean seriously I hate seeing ‘my character is craaaaazy! on a sugar high! what? you’re asking me to stop because i’m being offensive/obnoxious? but it’s not like I control the character, they just decided to do that! don’t blame me/be mad at me!’)

Ugh yes this especially. 

I’m not particularly fond of the terms “muse” and “mun,” but I don’t really give a fuck if people use them. I do give many fucks if people try to absolve themselves of agency in a situation by saying “LOL IT’S JUST WHAT MY CHARACTER WOULD DO I DON’T CONTROL THEM LOLOL” 

No. They are not real. You do control them. You are still responsible for their actions.

And tangentially, this ties in with the whole “but it’s what my character would doooo!” argument in terms of characters being horrible. No, stop, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. You control your character, and other people’s comfort levels are infinitely more important than your ideas of character integrity.

Bolding for emphasis, but yes, all of the above.

All of that. All of it.

Occasionally a thought that a character would do something surprises me, but I am the person who is writing it, I hold the power to write that thing, and if it’s going to make everything go ass over teakettle it’s my doing, ultimately. And if shifting how I play a character slightly makes it more comfortable for other people to play with me, then I don’t see why I wouldn’t.

My character does not grab the keyboard and run off and just do things without my consent. Their actions and the consequences that may arise due to them are my responsibility to handle well, rather than throw a tantrum over how it was totes the ~character~ and not me.

Yes. YES! So sick of seeing people being complete and total shitlords in RP then shirking responsibility with a good old “It’s my character” and “It’s just IC”. 

All of this. All of it. A million fucking times.

And the muse thing annoys me for the reasons shithowdy listed. 

SO MUCH THIIIIISSS “lol it was my toon not me.” Your toon is not a sentient being. Your toon’s actions are driven by what you write them to do.


There are ways to make an asshole character all while making them interesting and witty. I mean, if every character you came across was Mr. Nice Guy, wouldn’t that be kind of boring, and cliche? I think that there are some really good roleplayers out there who do very well at playing an asshole, all while being very nice and friendly OOC, however, if people are getting upset OOC because his character is an asshole, that means they have some sort of issue… and perhaps they should step outside of the game for a while.

I’m not sure if that’s what people are talking about, but seriously, not everyone who plays an asshole IC is actually an asshole OOC, and not everyone plays one just to be an asshole.

Just clearing up this isn’t at all what people are talking about— they’re talking about the tendency for people to play characters that make terrible decisions and then instead of owning it as their OOC decision to write the character that way, they treat the character as a sentient being capable of making their own choices. (Almost) every good story needs a villain, antagonist, or some sort of adversity to overcome, and sometimes coarse or foul characters make some good flavor because coarse and foul people are real things that exist.  Nobody is criticizing people who play offensive or mean characters, but they are criticizing when the player fails to acknowledge that maybe they’re stepping on peoples’ comfort levels and waving it off as “that’s just the way the character is”. Yes, because you wrote them that way.

I used an example earlier about a guild GM that felt the most appropriate reaction for his character to have to a breach of trust was to alienate the entire guild and boot them from the main RP setting, despite this bringing everyone’s RP but his own to a screeching halt. Nothing mattered but his “character integrity”, not even the enjoyment of the people around him.

In that same game universe I played a really disgusting young man that was not only pro-slavery, but also believed that he could do whatever he wanted with them, including grotesque magical experiments and non-consensual sex. This didn’t mean that he’d just start feeling up characters that were RPed as slaves, though, because I wasn’t familiar with the comfort level of the people behind them and I honestly didn’t even want to make them uncomfortable just by asking. It was something kept very strictly to private RP with people I knew were okay with that kind of writing, and even if it meant breaking character a little bit, I found other ways for him to interact publicly with / things to say to those characters.



first world draenei problems

chairs that never accommodate qq

"First world!? First Argus, then Draenor, then Azeroth! This is -THIRD- world problem! Did not have this problem on first two."

Has Chadley ever topped? How would it go?

— Anonymous

He’s topped before! It’s not too frequent because it’s not his comfort zone but it’s not a disaster when it happens or anything. He knows what he likes and how to go about these things, so he just projects that on Lorcan and at first there was a little trial and error on what stuck and what kinks and feelings they share (Lorcan is nowhere near as into receiving tease and denial as he is, but he tries it anyway because it’s fun to watch), but most of his issues are in confidence.

Whether or not he’s actually in control is kind of questionable because sometimes he can be really lacking in the confidence department, prompting fear wards and maybe even mind control spells from Lorcan that enable him to just go for it, so it’s really Lorcan directing the show. It’s the opposite when Chadley’s on the bottom— he’s kind of aggressive about it and definitely the one in charge. Unless he’s restrained. Which he likes, so everybody still wins.

While my ex is homeless, I kept in fairly regular contact after our split and after I moved, but her time online became sporadic because she had to sell her laptop, and she stopped being able to afford a phone bill so she has no way to text or use mobile internet. The last I heard from her she was traveling with (also homeless) friends to Rainbow in SLC, Utah through a combination of hitchhiking and buses.

Her last update came from SLC, using the internet of someone who allowed her group to stay the night at their place. This was a month ago and my dad just texted me wondering where she is because he’d not seen her around downtown SB, which means she never made it back, but she did mention traveling east.

Basically I’m really worried because even though she’s with friends, the idea of a homeless trans woman with no means of communication traveling cross country relying on the good will of strangers freaks me right the fuck out and I’m wondering at what point it becomes reasonable to actively start considering someone missing?