so my girlfriend and I were at trader joe's and we're looking at the little mini ornamental gourds they have there for like 69 cents and Em grabs one and is like "hey we should get this", it's covered in lumps and warts and weirdly shaped, and I have the sudden realization that the gourd she has picked out looks incredibly familiar. Infact, it looks remarkably like Oliver's penis. I just thought u should know that you've forever made Oliver's penis a part of halloween for us.

I hope my 100 new pornbot followers are appreciating the quality fap material on my blog.


fightin’ skillz

Are Death Knight runes visible on the body? I don't see any on the naked Oliver picture.

— Anonymous

I’ve written his so they’re magically etched, invisible until they light up- either when he’s empowered or using particular abilities; in the case of the latter only specific ones light up.

Not even gonna lie I mostly did this because I haaate drawing them and have never settled on a solid design for them.

Most people draw theirs completely visible. I’m probably a minority on this one.

I have to know where "shrieking ninnyhammer" comes from

— Anonymous

Ahhhh some user on tumblr (I don’t even remember who) called me that a while ago. A headcanon (or really, personal canon rewrite for their own fic-verse) written by their friend crossed my dash. It had several dozen notes and wasn’t labeled as a headcanon, so I mistook it for an actual canon interpretation and corrected it with what was, in retrospect, some pretty neckbeard-levels of passion.

They came down on my response with a barrage of personal insults, capslock, how-dare-you’s, claims that their friend is community famous and everyone knows that they only post headcanons, that I’m marginalizing white girl trash because I’m stepping into their safe space, the whole nine yards. ‘Shrieking ninnyhammer’ was my favorite insult of the bunch.




Oh boy, the Steamy Romance novels are now illustrated 

Fuckin amazing






Comic strip artists from the 40’s draw their characters while blindfolded

Secret Agent X-9 smoking through his ear though.


All the “Steamy Romance Novels” in WoD are coming with art now.

Apparently the new “A Steamy Romance Novel: Savage Passions“‘s art features two dudes.


That is some of the least subtle symbolism in his hands there that I have ever seen. Incredible.

she tries to take over wherever my tablet is supposed to go if I move it away for a few minutes

like i give a fuck

You are one of my favorite nerds out there and thank you for letting me flail and barf words at you. I hope I can commission you in the future. much <3

— Anonymous

Thank you kind anon :D I exchange word barf with a lot of people so I’m not sure who this is, but I hope so too!


I’ve never had difficulty drawing “the other eye” but god damn do I suck at drawing “the other arm”.

someone pullin out the “but it’s fantasy” argument for representation, stopped reading when they referred to that picture of alexandros mograine as a dwarf

Pansexual and polyamorous? So you're just one of those upper-middle class kids trying to be a special snowflake because you're incredibly mediocre and need something to make you feel like you're totally not boring. This fucking website should just be shut down so you people would be forced to go the fuck outside.

— Anonymous

okay no i lied last one for now

I’m so fucking happy I’m finally getting some real anon hate, I was beginning to think it wasn’t real.

I don’t know why I feel obligated to respond to this, but.

I’m 26, certainly wish I was upper-middle class (ah, to be able to put a good downpayment on a home and afford better care for my eyes), and am actively a part of a three-person relationship. None of these terms are unique to tumblr or began with it, and my sexual criteria of “are they funny and also pretty” would not change were the internet to suddenly die entirely.